• the_chomu 32w

    Broken heart  is a metaphor for the intense emotional stress or agony when one feels at experiencing great and deep longing. A feeling where in the arteries and veins make provisions for emotions rather than the O2. Goosebumps emerging from deep loss of love , the salt in tears is replaced by warm emotions that stays on our cheeks until it gets dried up there.

    Heart is made out of flesh with some great mechanics for pumping, but we don't realise there is little bone out there which when breaks pains a hell alot. I have a great proof of it as well. Because as time passes bones heal, so does the heart . And somebody formulated " hearts are meant to be broken".

    D.H Lawrence ,a optimistic , pens it as lovely,dawn Kaleidoscope within the cracks .

    The urge to speak, the restlessness to meet , the intensive adrenaline rush to embrace, the hope , the wait to hear the best words "I am not done with you yet! I am here". That little heart now resonances the brain. Beauty is that they both go out of sync.

    when you’re reeling from the finale of a romantic relationship that you didn’t want to end, your emotional and bodily reactions are a tangle: You’re still in love and want to reconcile, but you’re also angry and confused; simultaneously, you’re jonesing for a “fix” of the person who has abruptly left your life, and you might go to dramatic, even embarrassing, lengths to get it, even though part of you knows better.

    All the facts when realised, I so wish I could take a pill that assured that I could fall in love, fall out of love, or stay in love on command.