• diana733 55w

    When your reason's lost
    And you fell almost,
    "I will hold you, make you warm", said the promising cold.

    Forget what i said,
    It's something I meant not to mean at the end.
    "I will be there, by your side, make you warm", said the promising cold.

    Why your words feel fake?
    Like it's all just made for a sake?
    "No I swear , I am not lying to you, I'd be there!", said the promising cold.

    Your warmth never reached me
    Just the way never did your plea
    "Oh, I wanted to be there, but I just never could be", said the promising cold.

    "If I had been a little bold,
    And if you knew that old is gold,
    You had never left nevertheless heat conquered you", I said to the promising cold.

    A little vain, a little reckless
    Alittle emotional, a little worthy
    I don't know what this post is.

    Anyways! Happy new year to y'all!
    How are you all doing?

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    Promising Cold