• allbymyself 37w

    This is the sunshine
    when the roads are still
    the creaking of silence
    at the edge of a window sill.

    These are the paths our
    feet have learned to walk
    the slipping away of tired steps
    whenever there comes a knock.

    This is the song born on
    the shores of gilded water
    bearing the joy of the son
    and the tears of the daughter.

    This is the day on which
    falls the first midwinter snow
    the skies which tether the hope
    we are too afraid to let go.

    This is the war we fight
    before the descent of peace
    the shadow that stalls the light
    before the blood must cease.

    - Avitaj

    @dopamine @thegreymetaphor @raika_

    Picture credit- Marek Piwnicki

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    Gilded Water

    Once I wanted to be the greatest
    No wind or waterfall could stall me
    And then came the rush of the flood
    Stars at night turned deep to dust

    - The Greatest, Cat Power