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    I'm a little rusty.

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    Perhaps I don't know you as well as I know myself, but I want to. I know a piece of your heart is still stuck somewhere else, and what you have been dealing with ever since it broke for the first time. I am sorry I was never around even when I wanted to, Sarah.

    I like you, perhaps even love you. Perhaps not in the air-bending or earth-shattering kind, perhaps not even in the traditional way, for I don't know what that is anyway, but I do.

    I am a flawed man-- a boy with a coin trying to identify himself in a sea of random variables he calls himself, with the hope to find someone beside whom he can walk with no uncertainty.

    While I have traveled a significant chunk of my life alone, hitchhiking every once in a while, I am made to doubt the meaning, the purpose of it all when I am doing it all by myself, all for myself. Now, today, I don't want to do it all with such singularity. It's also true that in all this time that had, I couldn't strike a chord with anyone who's not you, Sarah.

    So here's my question to you, Sarah-- as we both, as individuals, tread on a path dealing with our pasts, writing them as prologues for some big, fat russian novels, do you want to do it together?