• ursanonymous_ 18w


    Among all the four friends she is the best,
    For vibrant birds it's perfect for building their nest.

    Her arrival can be seen from April,
    And her presence is fresh and full of will.

    She never forgets to bring the melodious sound track,
    The soothing sound ensures an effect on cardiac.

    She is the reason of the blooming hyacinth,
    Which symbolises peace and is the happiness synth.

    No doubt she is amiable, as she never comes alone,
    Different colors of flowers are her friends, like her clone.

    She invites her brother the gentle cold breeze,
    The fragrance it spreads can keep our mind at ease.

    She cares about us and want us to remain awesome,
    She is the secret why there's cherry blossom.

    But unfortunately she has to leave us as her vacation ends,
    But she ensures her loyalty by returning as the winter ends.