• mhnhsn 72w

    Few lines on Mosquito

    Slimy,smart,freaky creature,
    Every thing is crazy about you.
    Tiny little body of yours,
    Holds antennas,wings, sensors..
    How! well equipped are you.
    Dancing.. attuning your
    Buzzing melody..,
    Never understand, what's
    The matter with you.
    No landings, take offs...
    Dodging everyone...
    So agile are you...
    As tiny as a speck,
    But knows every trickery,
    As a shrew...
    Bloody you're in nature..
    Piercing here n there..
    Is the only thing you knew.
    You creepingly steal our blood,
    Though we needed it more than you.
    Quite ubiquitous you're..
    Very unwonted guest are you.
    Spoiling every party is your
    Favorite habit that..
    you most keenly persue.
    Your somersaults are irking me,
    Clasping, swishing, mosquito killers..
    Nothing could get rid of you..
    You! Spooky little urchin...
    Enough of your mischiefs,
    Now let me have some rest...
    It will be very kind of you...

    Please donate some blood,
    To this poor hungry creature...♐♒♑