• joan53 96w

    Ode to the demon inside of me
    Keeps me locked up in a cage
    If I sit here too long my legs go numb
    My brain goes into a dither gun
    Shoot angry thoughts
    I tell you it's not any fun
    Because this demon won't leave me alone
    Can not sit and sew, or knit, or read
    Can't sit still long enough to
    Can't sit here too long either
    Screaming at the inconvenience of it all
    I quite apalled at this demon inside
    I wish I could open up and let him out
    But that's not what it's all about
    Scream and shout, I give a pout
    And tell it- it won't get me down
    I'll just buck up, head held high
    I'll get even with you someday

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