• davetrotter 29w

    I spoke my heart to you, but you were so
    shallow my words floated right past you.
    I spoke from the depth of my heart to you,
    but you did not know what to do, because
    your mind was only full of you.
    Everytime I tried to explain anything slightly
    deep to you, you just put your facemask
    back on and went on being a fool.
    I tried to explain to you that you cannot
    take anything at face value and know
    that it's true.
    I told you that you have to find the core,
    the root of the matter to really know
    what is good for you.
    So I let you go because you are no
    good for me. Because you didn't
    care enough to know the depths
    of my heart, that they were
    once for you.