• peterspoetry 231w

    Harsh Reality

    'Events Dear Boy' as Mac never said
    While terrorists fill my heart with dread
    It's 10 pm and the Polls are closed
    Sprawled on the sofa, there I dozed

    Time to sit up and take a note
    Find out what happened, to my vote
    The Exit Poll is coming now
    See where we voted and how

    Looks like it's HUNG, I just knew
    The panicky emails, they just grew
    She was the Home Sec. And now the P.M.
    'Events' come to haunt her from way back then

    The rot set in with their manifesto
    They spouted it out, with such gusto
    'Oops, perhaps we made a mistakes
    Have a deep breath, for a 'Second Take'

    Far too late, that horse has BOLTED
    Now they are looking severely JOLTED
    Now 'The Prat' has a big fat grin
    Waiting to see his votes coming in

    Can't watch any more, I'm off to bed
    Wake in the morning. A feeling of dread
    The Brexit we wanted is going to be tougher
    Life, as we expected, is going to be rougher

    We knew the 'Jam' was never there
    But even 'Hope' is now thin air