• nawikrita_t_rai 101w

    Illegible words

    When I make fair notes from the ones given by seniors, many a times there are words that are simply illegible. I try very hard to understand it, bringing it closer or from afar, but in vain. I leave it there- a blank and continue writing. After a while, or even a couple of days, I come back to it and I am able to decipher it. Sometimes it makes me feel stupid for being inattentive and other times I feel like a genius. The bigger picture here is that some people, some relationships are like those words- we often try so hard to understand, to include in our present line but we fail to see for what it is. I've learned to leave it there, fold the corner of the page and come back to it later. Perhaps because if I try too hard and read it wrong, then that one misread word is going to change or even ruin the entire meaning.

    However, if I'm still unable to recognize, I'm bound to replace it.