• tanisha88175 34w

    Lady - not for securities

    Seeing him with opened eyes

    The body comes to life

    And essence of waiting eyes

    The smile comes to live

    Closing down all the worries

    The thought ever lived

    And the attempt to stop the passing time

    The only desire comes to live

    Yes, I am the lover of a man 

    Dressing  up in uniform 

    And uncertainty is his life 

    No No , I am not blessed with officiality of 

    Known wife but a lover lost in unofficiality

    Wearing the same heels ,not known to any

    Encountering the trials

     Expected to live for wife life

    Standing strong for trusting 

    Not on doubts

    But some lost promises

     I fought

    Wondering over fears of wars

    And doubts of smiles I gave

    For the  responsibility he wears

    And  the duty he bears

    Holding brave the pain of moving away

    And the cloudy wishes of hearty heart 

    The tear never never shed off 

    Strength of his I believe

    And after battling down the insecurities 

    Of dilemma and deep burried words

    I become his Lover, the only just lover 

    Of no future promise 

    To love endlessly  for the

    Soldier  I await for .....