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    I do request all of you to go through


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    Since I am known to be the Stormborn here, I support righteous voice raises.

    Yes, writers are been underrated and quality posts are being ignored.

    You need to see the soul and hardwork of a writer who writes quality posts even if they are not your friends or they don't socialize.

    It deeply saddens me when I see quality posts and single digit reads and feedbacks.
    Imagine the pain a person who puts his soul in his writings and since he doesn't socialize or he is shy, his posts are not noticed.

    Even I as a writer here, I get so less time to interact with my beautiful readers due to my mad schedule, a medical student has a tough life you all know but I feel proud seeing people loving me without being part of any group or socialising much in terms of chats but yes,
    I am a motivator and I believe in helping everyone equally, I am open to counselling related to emotional breakdowns and depressive posts, you can always put a comment on any of my post if you need assistance related to that.

    I love digging the explore option.

    Similarly, do dig quality posts and do shoutouts if you spot an underrated writer.

    I love this maturity that people are coming up with to support the quality posts of underrated writers.

    I am also thankful to ©carolyns_reposts. Carolyn ma'am has specially made an account for reposting underrated works and I adore her for this selfless gesture.

    Writing has connected us into a big family,
    Therefore, every writer holds importance not just people you socialize with.


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