• muskaanbhatt_ 8w

    Tranquil life with true love, great parents to a decent lifestyle , with a bit remembrance of lord, what else I need in my life, NOTHING.

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    My Beautiful life

    So peaceful and calm
    Such a happy soul without any harm

    Getting a kiss of satisfactions
    And life is loving all my imperfections

    Grateful I am to my parents
    Who gave birth to an original not some kind of cheap variants

    Taught me about good bad and worst
    Not like other parents who let their kids to become the cursed

    Got such a loving life partner
    Who is correcting my flaws like a professional Gardner

    Achieved a lot in different fields
    Never show-offed by capturing and making reels

    Got everything which any other human needs
    And the haters still trying to find my great life's leads