• melva_j 129w

    This is the conversation between two strangers who
    Crossed paths beneath a random lamppost in an unknown city. To the strange traveler who voiced his regrets and hopes, I became the girl by the lamppost.

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    Decades of dead moments drifted by us,
    Even the frozen corpses
    Of the thoughts we shared
    Lies forgotten in the thickening fog,
    Before I die in your memory,
    I wish I could fold my feelings
    as paperboats,
    And let it float in the sea of my silence,
    Hoping one day it will reach you.
    And that is my last hope to be immortal,
    My last hope, to be remembered
    - The lone traveller
    with a tale to tell.


    Why are you stubborn?
    Why do you wish to be etched in?
    When all you are is a cluster of dust,
    A clump of flesh and blood,
    Why do you thirst?
    Isn't it enough to flow unleashed
    Like the rivers?
    To fly un-harnessed like the wind?
    To live fearless like the ocean
    Yet to go quietly like the night?
    Isn't it enough to be the sand
    That sticks to her feet as she walks on,
    And isn't it enough
    To remain a part of her,
    for just that long?
    - the girl by the lamppost
    in that unknown city.