• spicywords 46w

    Walked on coals

    Leaving old things behind.
    Giving OT to remind.


    That disasters don't define your scars.
    Being rich is not defined by cars.

    The looks of an hungry smile.
    Is rebuked by a close pal

    The world is a platform.
    Where we have different accounts.

    I face problems too.
    But I dont get drown in it.

    I wait for the green light.
    To replace my chlorophyll.

    Here the sunshine comes.
    I grow again but this time.

    I stand twice as tall

    I become a stimulant.
    Inspire young generations.

    The present get rid of the past.
    Poverty , inadequacy my ass.

    The confidence is not confidential.
    My destiny has no destination.

    I will break out of the cage.
    I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

    No need to transfer liquids traditionally
    Success has brought me a funnel

    Short before as described .
    But success that of Lionel.