• ajaykrsingh123 20w

    A block of heart

    A block of heart is yours that cannot be blocked,
    Rhythm of your presence that cannot be stopped.

    Conflicts of commitment never ends in surprise,
    You always bow down and set for compromise.

    The wishes might miss but the curses do hit,
    What used to be perfect but now does not fit.

    You make peace with the consolation gift,
    The trophy you adored but you can never lift.

    Some hearts just train some for act and play,
    Some are for transition some where you stay.

    Long duals you had now doesn't make sense,
    Tried the possibilities just to limit your presence.

    Love sets no conditions to be obeyed mutually,
    Its vote is unconditional not for sanctions usually.

    In love you are to trust else lust is always first,
    Rigid are muscles of heart can't let go memories apart.