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    I think my posts changed their track to a kind of advice����
    I am just sharing my thoughts .. read and comment what you think of it..����
    One more thing, a sentence in this is already posted as another one a few months ago.

    ��Thank you��

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    Too much of anything is toxic

    Caring is good,but over caring is
    Like overcooked food.
    You Crave for hugs,but
    Tight hugs suffocates.
    Be it your
    Partner,children, parent, sibling..
    Never feel proud to say
    "He/she is my asset"
    Consider them as a human being-
    Instead of a property.
    Because,when a human being is
    Treated as a property, there lacks
    A lot of humane values.
    It makes them less of a human.
    So, respect their individuality
    Learn to co-operate with them
    Rather than leading them.