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    80's Love

    Those who are Indians they know what they have experienced about 80's generation
    3 special words "I love you", hard to say to the one you genuinely loved.
    First method always came to your mind was a "love letter".
    Writing love letter was not easy though,
    while writing, many question came in mind,
    what will be the reply of this letter?
    Reply was unique though.
    Either love letter they will treasure it or they will tear it.
    Shy feeling while being in relationship or Fear if parents knows about this.
    Real circumstances comes, when you try to convinced your parents or sacrifice sometimes to marry the one you love.
    Either it will be happy or sad ending don't know but atleast those lovers were confident enough to face every situation that will come.
    "Love" is not just a word to express someone, It's your effort, care and honesty towards a person you love,
    which is not seen nowadays in present generation.