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    Everyone of us love to be a part of a photograph,some needs to click selfies and some wants to click potraits.But did you ever felt,during every occasion its a photographer,who makes our memories filled with a sugar coating.

    He admires every simple things,in this world.A small drop of rain,a pinch of salt,a small earing which swings across ear of a women,the worry of a caged bird and everything.His way of perspective is all about capturing feelings.He wont write a caption to describe his photograph.His photography reflects it themselves.
    He always move out with his camera or mobile phone,and clicks atleast one click before returning home.

    The only thing which makes photographers unique is that,they sit at a same place for even a hours to just click a single drop of water.photographers makes us to rejoice our memories once again,with those never fading photographs.

    But sometimes he may move through some depression,if there is no appreciation for his work.But with never ending love towards photography,make him to move forward to reach his goals by capturing every single moment of our puppet shows.

    This writeup is small dedication towards the photographers,who are always being part of our memories and a special dedication to my photographic friend.

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    One who makes hard copy of our memories.