• dhanak_meena 29w


    Not surrounded by any sea
    But few rivers here and there.

    Divinity is dripping in the air
    Places of worship are charismatic.

    Outskirts too have their legends
    The lavish habits of regals revealed.

    Folks thoroughly relish global cuisines
    Every street is exhibiting assortments.

    Parks surrounded by amusements
    Juniors and seniors both frolic there.

    Every festival is a grand jubilee
    Each one in its way is contributing.

    Tourists are served with warmth
    Delighted they are to be amidst us.

    Sweets and delicacies enchants all
    folks happily savour it rain or shine.

    Premitive erections express their saga
    Foregone era is revisited again .

    Many caste and tribes mingle around
    Inspite of diversity they sound alike.

    Restoration of the city is noticeable
    Yet heart holds their traditions dearly.

    Area is secondary to the metropolitans
    Vividness is far beyond the boundaries.