• emily16 38w

    missing someone I love

    Falling in love with you was both the best and worst thing I’ve ever done.
    It was the best because our love is beautiful, it blooms every day whether I’m in your arms or not. I watch it grow through the seasons, just like I watch the green leaves start to wilt and fall in Autumn. We change with the tides and every sunset. It’s the best because we’ve grown together for nearly two years. We were just kids and now here we are. Look how far you’ve come. How far I’ve come.

    Falling in love with you is the worst because it breaks me. Never before have I been so ready to love someone. It breaks me when I know I can’t be in your arms anytime soon. It makes me cry on a random Tuesday evening because you’re far away and I miss my best person by my side.
    It’s strange watching Summer fall into Autumn with you not here. The evenings are already darker and I just miss being able to love you in person. I can’t wait to be in your arms again, when it’s cold outside and the seasons have changed, once more.