• droneking 39w

    Real Deal

    This feeling isn't something I'm used to it's a different

    I'm used to love slowly killing me as if I'm puffing on a cigarette

    Broken promises and hearts life almost falling apart

    Then you stepped in throwing shots of love straight to my heart

    Something different about how we are so much alike in a way

    Steadily praying I get too get lost in your ocean of eyes and
    sail away

    Almost forgot how to smile it's been a long while

    Dreams throughout the night your selfies given me a good smile

    Never thought of you like other never felt any kind lies

    Leaving your lips you made me start wanting to live life again

    Loki g though old messages just to live that moment again

    Because you got me pumped up gassing me up I'm down for this ride my fallen angel from the sky

    I hope this feeling is true because I really want you to be my ride
    or die

    Not even in your presence but I'm mumbling because your heart is my favorite kinda present

    I no longer wanna live in the past on memory lane my mind is in the present

    Something different about the connection we have soon as I
    felt it

    Not living for the moment I want the whole journey I want
    all of it

    With you and you only to be my one and only

    This dark world you make it feel less lonely and your heart I can feel isn't phoney