• tamanna3 12w

    ᴛᴡᴏ ɪɴ ᴏɴᴇ

    tell me how long it takes
    to bring two minds
    of a world together
    as whole?
    there's a card in my books
    that keeps records;
    of blue he's
    and pink she's,
    but I'm purple
    now tell me where do I fit
    or would you write for me?
    I'm twenty already
    and I'm running out
    of fingers to count,
    tell me how long it takes
    to build a home
    in my body?
    there's a to-do list stuck
    right on your nose tip,
    so you don't have to put it
    into my business,
    but you're working
    and I'm waiting.
    I'll be thirty soon,
    still counting stars
    on my half of the sky,
    they say it's the same
    but what burns in mine
    only flickers in your sight.
    the government says
    they believe in equality
    but I hear their papers
    made into trendy planes
    by their kids,
    so they go straight
    to a dustbin.
    I'm living with my blood
    and I can't change it,
    I'm purple and I'm human
    so tell me how long it takes
    to perfect my diffidence
    into a world I can,
    live without losing myself?


    I was listening to "Heaven" by Troye Sivan when I wrote this. Maybe give it a listen if you haven't already. ♪ If I'm losing a piece of me, maybe I don't want heaven ♪

    Thanks WN for coming this side today ☄️

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