• anetita 41w

    Until Death

    Two gladiators brawling in the Colosseum,
    Hearts acting as an audience in kind,
    Provoking our stubborn minds,
    We sling words, like swords, to strike.

    Yet in this ultimate battle of wits,
    Neither warrior wins the fight.

    Longing for a truce,
    I'll accept a stalemate from you.
    No calling names,
    No shaming or placing blame.

    Let us quietly embrace the scars,
    Of a past we cannot change.

    Even in the midst of our anger,
    Between these foolish games,
    I'd give anything just to kiss you,
    Show how dearly, sincerely, I miss you.

    Let our skin softly whisper,
    Speak the words we cannot say.
    Lose ourselves in each other's eyes,
    And love our pain away.