• spell_in_bound 60w

    Is it a dream?

    I hope that the morning would bring new hope,new desires and new expectations. I wish my mom shouts at me by saying that "It has been noon.. Will you please wake up from your dreams" and I starts explaining this bitter epidemic condition which was came to my dreams and we were restricted to roam outside our houses, maintain social distancing,washing our hands, improving personal health and taking care of ourselves even more than usual. I wish that this legends who died in the mid time of this condition will be entertaining us again and saying that we need not to worry more.. Everything is settle. Please God save us. I know that the karma is doing it's job. We are reaping what we have sowed. Sorry! We know we humans were that much cruel to nature that today we have to face this situation today.
    It's not at all a bad year. It's the most lesson giving year. We ruled this planet like anything not caring for tomorrow for 100 yrs.
    Then why when natural leader, Nature, when shows its power for 4 months, we blame it. Think of all those nameless, voiceless and opinion less beings who were tortured like this by us every day. But they never wished for time to end.

    Bcoz they knew
    *Unka time ayega*

    And today that s*it day is here and we are crying.

    Either improve or get removed...
    Choice is yours. So just pray and apologize your every mistake to god. He can only save us Don't know about tomorrow if we dies.. so keep dreaming and hoping. Thank you! Let's everyone of us take a oath that we will not repeat this behavior to nature again... sorry.. sorry