• fajr_fajr 78w

    This was so random.

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    I wiped the last tear,
    held my brush,
    tried painting you.
    But destiny had some other plans
    I forgot your face.
    The only thing i could remember was
    the touch of your soft hands,
    the taste of your lips,
    the warmth you brought with that one embrace,
    how do i portray all this.
    How do i manage to lock my love for you in this empty white canvas.
    I angrily threw all the colors on the canvas, tried decorating them with my clumsy hands.
    Colours like blue. Grey. White. Black.
    It looks nothing like you, but the abstract art is all about feels.
    The random colours feel exactly like your heartwarming presence and your heartwrenching absence.
    I've lost the privilege to
    touch you. feel you. love you.
    So i cover the distances from my soul to your soul through words and colours.
    I hide you in my poetries and lock you in my messy canvases.
    You left ages ago, but I'm making you stay on my own way.