• _tess_20 55w

    I was looking at my gallery the other day,
    Your pictures outnumbered mine.
    I checked my WhatsApp the other day,
    You are still the number one person who I chat with,
    Even though we stopped talking.
    I know I broke us.
    I know I can't bring us back.
    But honestly it hurts,
    The one person who loved me
    I broke,
    The one person who cared for me
    I scarred,
    If u think I am happy without you
    It's a lie.
    You are still on my mind 24/7.
    All your videos and pictures ain't only stored on my phone
    But my heart too.
    One day I will be over you.
    But till then....
    My love,
    Work hard,
    Make money,
    And if our paths cross again in this life or the next
    I will treat us right....
    I am sorry.