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    Deserted Passion

    Days like this
    The ones where you feel as if
    You’re the only one who exists
    There’s nothing- no one else
    Only soundless static in empty space
    And maybe a bed to shelf yourself
    No bookmark to show
    Where you should begin
    No ellipsis to let you know there’s more
    Than an upcoming happy or sad end
    No title but you think
    You already know what to expect
    So why not just lie here
    Do nothing except breathe
    ‘Cause why do anything when
    Your sheets are sweltering sands
    Of deserted passion
    And you’re just the burnt pages
    Buried deeeeeep beneath them
    Waiting for a tsunami to appear-
    Floods of watercolors
    Pretending to be an oasis
    Painting supposed purpose
    Into your ghost-towned incentive
    And filling the silence with waves
    Of all the dreams you used to have
    Rippling about-
    Not because stones are thrown
    But because you decided, one day,
    To learn how to swim


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    Deserted Passion