• yo_its_n 41w

    Queen of the Hills

    A day is started with a spell of fog and mist with the scent of earth in this paradise on earth.Hill people who are friendly welcomes you with namaste and a glass of tea on this type of chilly morning on the chowrasta road.As the day starts joggers and few tourists can be seen scattered on the roads of Darjeeling.When the day is clear king of mountains and the second cousin of the Queen of the Hills,Mt.Everest kissing the blue cloudless sky can be seen from Tiger Hill which itself is a place to mesmerize yourself.The students and the vehicles flocks the road with its bustling activity.Bhanubhakta statue still stands on the Chowrasta with its head high on the pavillion.
    Such is the beauty of Darjeeling only a person who has come to visit her understands its true beauty.
    No words can describes its actual serenity.
    Such is the Queen of the Hills.
    (It is like an article which I have once read but the word are my own.Thank you)