• whentherainfalls 25w

    you think it's over
    and yet in an ordinary midnight
    your mind shackles you, lock and chain,
    haunts you with its beautiful illusions
    buries you in vicious hypotheticals
    and throws the key into the outside world--
    somewhere you will never think to go

    for amid the disturbing premonitions
    the pined-for dreams
    and stentorian ruminations
    you are utterly delirious:
    lying in bed paralyzed, burning holes
    in the ceiling with your piercing gaze
    wondering whether it will ever end
    Wondering "how did it ever begin?"

    all the while forgetting that in just a few hours, the sun will still rise as it always has,
    and the birds will once again be singing
    their joyful morning song

    ~ Caleb G. | Saturday, 24 July 2021