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    Quill: A Traveler

    Twice, thrice and toto-frice?
    I consolidated visionaries and
    pander to picturesque paper planes
    my no-muse-phantasm perspired
    a subfusc syllabic synchronization
    of thoughts and vexatious turmoil
    trespassing the point of my lifeless

    Using a bleaching-burner I shan't
    efface eulogia which I traveled by
    my wings, so-called libraries and
    when I relish that tangy sourdough
    of inked-journals I morph into so

    I have travelled on paper-palimpsests
    trailing towards the manuscripts
    meandering on streams of solitude
    selecting a succored-sauntering
    synecdoche and bled bonfires to those
    dark and doused palabras

    A safari to hunt the seraph of poetries
    or a globetrotting to gleam glossaries
    I've smouldered suffixes and massacred
    mutilated poetries.

    Blah . Just a try .

    (As I saw in the comments not many people got the actual point of this poem let me give you all a summary about this,
    This is a poem about a quill which sum up the visionaries to indulge and carve Paper planes through fantasy and trespass through the turmoil of its bewildering sync of thoughts and life which are odious to its nib it will die inside a bleaching-burner will keep writing itself eulogies will travel the hidden libraries and will taste that sour journal of those ole journals it will change into autumn then will be auburn ashes. It will travel on palimpsests, manuscripts, solitude, will succour the selected synecdoche by sauntering on them and will bleed fire to dead words. Whether to hunt the poetries or to travel through the world of glossaries it'll burn the suffixes and maimed poems.
    Hope this help you all)

    @writersnetwork thank you so much , team ♡
    Much love to everyone <3

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    I roam around the streets of poems to pause at the inevitable full-stop, and when the poets yawp out phrases I voyage, to be a barque of metaphors.