• kaetkey 36w

    And finally you've decided that you'll dance today. It's been what? Months or years? Or an eternity in itself? You haven't breathed the beats since then. You haven't let the rhythm sink into your skin and make you sinless since then.
    Five year old were you when you whirled around into a perfect spin and you shook the table. The table on which Naani's age old vintage vase was kept. You little mind couldn't comprehend what just happened and when it did, it was too late for your little hands to save it from breaking into pieces. One of the kindest person on this rude planet was your naani. You joined your little hands and prayed for her to scold you. He didn't listen you and you had to pinch yourself really hard. I'd still say it wasn't you who made her cry. It was the vase and the memories carved on it.
    Eleven year old were you when you took that leap. It was picture perfect indeed. But not all picture perfect things fit in well in reality. If only you knew your leap would land on iron's wire and iron would fall on dad's hand. Summer heat melted the ice in your hands before it could reach his hand. There were flowers blooming in your garden and you were wishing if cool white flowers bloomed on his hand just when his other hand was wiping your tears. It was when you realised that sometimes our hands are holding someone when needed to wipe our tears, and our own tears can heal someone's pain when fell on the right ground.
    You are twenty and away from them all. Away from the worry that you hurt your loved ones more often than you make them smile on sunrises by your sighing presence. Then you danced cause you wanted to show them how lively you are. Now you want to dance to figure out how alive you are.
    You lift your leg and keep it steadily on the other side of the line you marked beside your insecurities. You lift your hand and sway it gracefully as if shedding all the wings that didn't let you fly. You step back a step then step forth three so that when you step one back next time, you'd still be two forth than last time. You shut your mind off for once and let the senses do their job of driving you on an unfamiliarly familiar road. And I'm here to tell you how gracefully you hurt them all that even today they talk about your dance when your aren't around. Trust me, it's something you always wanted to hear when you danced in front of them, for them to smile.

    ©kaetkey 28.10.20


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