• mirakillian_matre 16w

    I am

    You could be cunning enough to abuse my soul,
    You could be powerful to dominate my persona,
    You could be rich to ruin my honesty,
    You could have been a gossip monger to ruin my reputation,
    You must have been a tyrant to bruise my body,
    You have been ruthless to curb my ambition,
    You have been barren enough to erode my trust,
    You have been malevolent for sure to unleash my wrath;
    Yes you can, could and have changed me in all possible ways.
    But you couldn't be innocent enough to win me:
    And that is a terrible loss I pity you for.
    I still give all of you my earnest sympathy;
    Because without innocence you are no good.
    And without good you could never be close to God;
    And without God, you become a fool,
    You become powerless in due time,
    Your soul becomes impoverished,
    Your cause is lost,
    You become your own slave,
    You miss the greatest grant from God---mercy,
    Your soul never harvests rich verdure,
    You lose the opportunity of becoming benevolent,
    After all possible tryst by becoming the fittest to survive,
    Are you at peace?
    I wish you were innocent.
    I wish you innocence.