• solivagant2 26w

    The sun is setting and the scenery makes me think
    The clouds in my mind fade away as the thoughts compose themselves
    Right now the palatte is all the shades of blue
    The mountains are slowly tapering into darkness
    As the curtain of the sky falls, the stars begins its nightly performance
    A scenery set for two
    Or someone weary of a long hard journey taken with a long lost friend
    Except me because I am sitting here all alone

    People pass by in groups and crowds
    Laughing and chattering with their cameras
    The scenery never appease their eyes but should always be in their instagram
    Holding hands the couples do all the cheesy things
    The ones that make me quiver with longing
    The lakeside cafes and restros are lit
    Music seeps slowly in the air as if it never left
    And yet with gaiety all around me
    I feel a sad longingness whirling inside me

    Today I am relying on this scenic generosity
    So many things go through my mind
    I want to say all those things to someone who'd understand
    How important this peace is and why this crosses my mind
    That sometimes life just goes on rewind
    But most importantly I want to tell someone that I am making through
    I am crawling through life as slow as a turtle
    And moments like these fleetingly, give strength to these crooked thoughts
    But I am sitting here all by myself
    Like a rusting boat tied to the dock
    I wish someone called my name and I join this jovial celebration
    But the sky goes dark and everything shuts down
    And I sit here, awaiting the dawn