• djehanepoetry 5w

    The House of God

    The House of God is not a building!
    The House of God is my heart: this is where I pray,
    Where I meet with my Creator, where I express my gratitude
    As well as my deepest convictions. This is where I examine
    My most harrowing doubts. This is also where I seek advice,
    Ask for forgiveness, and reconnect with my hereafter..
    Yes! God lives in my heart, so I have to keep it pure and
    Welcoming, hospitable, generous, and free of sin…
    God lives in my heart, and this is how I can have
    Uninterrupted conversations with Him!
    I pray, and my prayers find their echo in my heart!
    My fears find immediate comfort and reassurance…
    How can God possibly be any closer?
    I do not need to travel far away to find God!
    I do not need to shout to reach Him! A whisper
    Is sufficient! As I breathe, I communicate with Him!
    He has filled my soul with a yearning for perfection!
    Thanks to His presence in my heart, I radiate confidence
    And peace of mind, no matter how great my problems are!
    How wonderful it is to always be with Him!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2007

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 23