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    Hi there ��
    Hope everyone is keeping well.

    My mother
    loves flowers
    so like every
    this time
    too my garden
    is filled

    morning I
    plucked a bunch
    of golden
    and carefully
    pinned it to my
    mothers bun.
    She giggled
    and asked me
    not to annoy.

    By evening I
    found the wilted
    'Amaltas' on
    a table and called
    it dying,
    only to be interrupted
    by my mother;
    " All that seems
    dead, is only seeking
    reason and residence
    to live again " ,
    she said.

    Overnight those
    'Amaltas' found both;
    In my journal.
    And this morning
    they're living.

    // The distance between death and life is called survival //

    - sakshi

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