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    Seems a little cliche, but I wanted to write something I've never done before. So here is a letter to my future self.

    Dear me��,
    I don't have to assume where you are,
    Cause I don't know where you ended up.
    Today, I have few things I would like you to cherish forever.
    I never wanted to grow up, never wanted to change. I often looked in the mirror, and imagined, 'Will I ever meet you?'.
    You were a dream to me, and I never knew it wouldn't be so soon. But as I grew up, I came to know that the reason I was and am living is for you. I strived, cried a little so that you can smile more often. I didn't decide what I'll become, but I'm constantly worried for you. You can either thank me or blame me for how your life turned out to be. But I hope one thing that you turned out to be more stronger, wiser and smarter than I'm now. Hope you learned to love yourself more than I do now. I hope you are okay.

    Don't worry. Everything will be alright. Don't worry for future. She'll handle it.

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    To future me.
    'Be more than yourself '