• prasannakkumar 29w

    Title: the moment be forever

    I wish this moment be forever,
    I search myself in every nook and the corner,
    lo! I found to be here and there around,
    with nothing much to be found,

    I sense to be lost in something,
    failed to grasp as to what im missing,
    but I feel the moment wavering
    with a touch of sensational lingering,

    I walked in and out of the room,
    to dust away claustrophobic doom,
    I sleep to wake up these days
    with somnambulic stance,

    I wish to relive those moments, where,
    I see myself frolicking under,
    Boughs and bushes - Pristine
    I wish it would continue to remain to sustain,

    Alas! The schizophrenic scene turned
    everything to be - topsy-turvy,
    Now, I'm recalling scenery of beauteous
    cliff to draw on the cognitive curve,

    ©Prasanna Kumar
    Image source: google

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