• beautybunny 18w


    You slay me, you pull me
    You throw me to the ground.

    You think you can taunt me
    By muffling my sound.

    You think you can win me
    By removing my soul mates.

    And Making me feel like
    I'm drenched In my mistakes.

    And the way things are looking
    You're getting your way.

    Cause I can't see through my eyes
    How I'm gonna stay.

    Stay focused, stay determined
    And fight till the death.

    Cause I'm panting and moaning
    And losing my breath.

    But here I am running
    And playing tug-a-war

    And I'm tugging and waring
    And tryna stay abreast.

    What is it with you anyway
    Why don't you give me peace?

    You follow me everywhere
    And you won't let me sleep.

    Constantly badgering me
    With words of weakness.

    And Constantly telling me
    That I will never be nothing.

    I use God’s gifts
    To silence your doubts

    Cause for me I don't see
    Any other way out.

    His gifts remind me
    Of the things You can't see

    So I throw fear aside
    Because You are ME!!!