• superrita_21 8w


    Today, your splendid victory
    Turned new leaf in TTC history

    Congratulations you're the winner
    A very prestigious honour

    "The Rising Star"
    Is what you are

    Brighter is your 'Future'
    Mightier is the 'Cause'

    Stronger is your 'Will'
    To climb steep 'Success' hill

    You received the 2021 Leadership Award
    That's almighty's great reward

    For all your noblest deeds
    Worthy well deserved indeed

    We all are so very proud
    You're the 'Cream' of our crowd

    Spectacular is your achievement
    TTC celebrating 100 golden years of its establishment

    May Waheguru guide, bless, protect every step of your way
    Grant incessant strength to fullfill greater deeds of benovelence we pray

    As farther you aim, may you receive name & fame
    With hugs & love , we gather to say

    ' Forever our best pal , super awesome ' Jay'