• warriorpoet 39w


    this world is no place for cowards. it’s an all for me society. who’s moral compass has spiraled downwards.

    and carrying burdens behind you is bad enough. but when it’s deadweight, it’ll soon attract buzzards. who don’t give a shit if you’ve had it rough.

    they’re con, pitch, and salesmen. who can’t tell the easy marks from the others. and because thier to weak to withstand the smother.

    it’s down to The strong and wise to subvert. and grant them cover. all because they can’t assert.

    Nor will they look past their own hurt. to see that each generation grows less. because the words of their forebears go unheard. and every story that signifies the overcoming of hardship.

    is thrown by the wayside. and is considered absurd. as they unjustifiably glower.

    believing their meager accomplishments. rival an entire life of sacrifice and concern. but if that were true their confidences wouldn’t be so easy to burn.

    leaving them in the featal position. as the depression in them churns. till death is considered the only way to compensate. for a life they failed to earn.

    and as they lament to those closest to them. as well as those on the screens. they are fool enough to believe are friends and allies most firm.

    they’ll have to come to a decision. Whether to start from the beginning. and open their eyes and ears to learn.

    how to spot and deal with adversaries. and make sure their lives run on their own terms. to avoid the landmines as well as other concerns.

    or continue living as a worm. upon the hooks of those manipulative enough to make them squirm. all because they were too fucking stupid to discern. Who was looking to take advantage. and whose trust was truly earned.