• alishakausheen 146w

    Part 2

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    Whenever you call me bahan,
    I feel it,
    I feel the meaning of friendship,
    The love behind those constant leg pullings,
    The care behind those constant abuses,
    The fear of loosing behind that leave me alone,
    And you can do it behind you can't do it.
    People may know me who I am now,
    But nobody knows the efforts you put to make me who I am.
    Without knowing the problems I was facing you always helped me to fight back.
    You forced me to study even when I wasn't able to,
    I used to study not because I was afraid of boards,
    But because I don't want to waste your efforts,
    People may appreciate me but
    This doesn't worth without you,
    The real hero behind every scene.