• therightkindofmisfit 19w

    You keep wrapping a bandaid one over the other
    on a wound that no longer deserves your care.
    It can heal faster if you leave it unattended.
    it can cure more if you speak to it less.
    Wounds are not destiny that you keep returning to.
    Wounds are not trees and you are not water.
    Wounds are not periodic tables and you are no science nerd.
    Wounds are unsoldered wires with running electricity.
    Wounds are power cuts and it is morning outside.
    Wounds are pieces of you that DO NOT make you whole.
    Wounds are obsolete playlists and dead roots.
    So if you look at it, you either need to bury them deep or carry them above,
    There is no in between.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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