• tokillabibliophile 83w

    "Alizeh" - Wind (Persian)

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    It takes me a power cut and 4 nerves
    To realise how far I have come
    In lands, words and silences
    As unreal merges into my reality
    I never stop and stare
    Afraid of what I might find there
    Because it's easier to jump off a cliff
    When you have a blindfold on
    You might just never reach the bottom
    But is it easier to justify too?

    As I await a storm,
    Listening to songs I never really understood before
    I see how words are the same
    But the shapes become strange
    When your prism becomes a rainbow
    And they crest and trough like waves
    By rocky seashores and grey storms

    I sit alone
    In my own head
    Realising I have not come as far
    As I thought life had taken me
    The rains have changed, no longer stormy
    The sea is puddles now
    But the water is the same
    The solitude is the same
    My head is in my head now
    My silences have changed,
    But I barely walked.