• mayank_333 45w


    Let the fake be fake and see how does it taste
    watch the sky and dream even high
    Be the flower that smell So high
    Be the reason for the people's vision
    Be the shadow of kiddo to widow
    Remember the dreams who have no feet
    But their aim to succeed,They have no ear
    But seem to hear,All your cries n every tear
    Be the exception of people's perception
    Be the ovation of people's motivation
    Be the Rumour of people's humour
    Do your karma without any Dharma
    Be the Ray of people's Pray
    Remember the light who shines so bright
    Fly even high,If you fall from height
    Be the beat of the People's heat
    Be the arm of people's charm
    With a smile so broad, Thank your God
    Remember the god before you sleep.

    By Mayank Shrivastava