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    Which of the iridescent colour am I?
    The star,the sun, the rain,the moon,the land,the tree or the sky?

    I want to sprinkle stardust on the ground,
    sometimes visible sometimes not to be found.
    Be within reach yet far,
    am I of the colour of that silver twinkling star??

    I want to shine bright.
    set the sky aflame with the flicker of my light.
    Give life to those lifeless trees,
    run around the sky with clouds in a soft gentle breeze.
    play hide and seek with clouds for fun,
    am I of the colour of coppery light of the sun?

    I want to fall on the ground,
    whisper to the earth in that faint sound.
    wash away all the sorrows and pain,
    am I of the colour of that blue drizzling rain?

    I want to provide a smooth blanket to the earth,
    want to hold clouds and be the reason for rain's birth.
    fly way too high,
    am I of the colour of that metallic blue sky?

    I want to see the plants come to life,
    see them lay green fingers on the land,
    through graceful dunes and golden sand,
    am I of the colour of this musty land?

    I want to feel those maple leaves filled with autumn hues,
    those tiny little floating morning dews.
    die every year and yet look new,
    you know it can only be done by a few.
    hear all the stories that the little bird told me,
    am I of the colour of that magestic green tree?

    I want to be one in the whole sky,
    every lover's apple of the eye.
    be full and the turn into nothingness soon,
    am I of the colour of the scarlet moon?

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