• djehanepoetry 7w

    Merging with Nature

    The Desert beckons and I respond! Sifting the golden
    Sand through my fingers, I go from mirage to mirage,
    Imagining an oasis in the parched landscape, dreaming
    Of green trees with lush foliage, contemplating fields
    Of red hibiscus flowers and golden wheat, envisioning
    An abundant and inexhaustible source of water…

    Green gardens beckon and I respond! I follow butterflies,
    Fluttering my wings, going from one flower to the next,
    Pleading for more sweet nectar… My dance is a rainbow:
    Cherry, tangerine, lemon, emerald, sapphire, amethyst…

    Birds beckon and I respond! I interpret the meaning of
    Their chirpings, becoming their herald or their spokeswoman.
    As their sweet songs reach my ears, I imagine what
    They’re trying to say, what they’re wishing to convey…

    The blue sky beckons and I respond! Flying like a bird
    In the firmament, I flap my newly acquired wings among
    The stars and the bright crescent, whether navigating
    Up and down the clouds or riding on golden sunbeams!

    The clouds beckon and I respond! “What do I see?
    I see a ship, a camel, a rabbit and a duck; perhaps
    I also see an elephant.” And I float in the sea of clouds,
    Bathed in sunlight, and listening to the music of Angels…

    The rain beckons and I respond! I remain covered
    With droplets, unable to move in the stillness.
    Of the humid weather, I savor the raindrops,
    Quenching my thirst for the taste of Heaven.

    The snow beckons and I respond! Mesmerized by a continuous
    Flow of snowflakes descending from the sky above and
    Covering the ground with a soft, immaculate carpet.
    I tightly shut my eyes and my mouth to keep the cold,
    Fine, white particles out of my freezing soul…

    The sea beckons and I respond! I float endlessly,
    On the crystal-clear surface, embracing the waves,
    Pushed by the wind as I become salt and sea foam or
    Even fish, shrimp and seashell, scattered on the shore…

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2007

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 34