• poetryly 33w

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    I bask alone In the sun,
    it’s needed not just for fun.
    Vitamins D is my brown hue
    natural friend.

    Supplying my skin with
    a positive outlook
    while I lounge with
    a humorous book.

    While taking a brief pause in reading,
    I scribble these few lines
    reminding myself not all poetry
    necessarily needs a continuous
    rhyme or reason.

    Just a strong pull to write
    to feel half way alright.

    With a book and
    my figurative pen in hand.
    Nothing more.
    Nothing less.
    This is my best.

    Hey, excuse me,
    my book is beckoning
    for my full attention again.

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    *If you wish,
    this post is simple
    & kinda sorta brisk,
    so read the
    caption above,
    at your own risk