• arnabi_bhagat 19w

    When you have none, you have your family by your side, you have your own self by your side. To hold yoi tight, to make you stand upright all over again!
    So.. Never give up! Just have faith. Everything is gonna alright, everything is gonna be perfect ��
    #mirakee #wordsmith #wordpower #life #power #peace #writings #hope.

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    Always felt blessed to have you in my life,
    Always felt happy that someone is always there by my side.
    Sometimes, the crowd of this fake people makes me feel lost!
    But having you, gives me the assurance of never being lost.
    Words from you, heals the wound of de-motivation in my life,
    You are the one, who always hold my hand and makes me stand upright.
    You are the one with whom i fight,
    You are the one beside whom i find everything is right.