• stewpid_ 113w

    Another brilliant and talented actor is gone. 2020 is a big loss.
    An actor who did films like Chichore and MS Dhoni, taught us to fight for life is now gone....
    Suicide is not a solution. I request you all to speak up if you feel low 'cause it's okay to be not okay sometimes.
    RIP Sushant Singh Rajput
    You are still alive in our hearts

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    Millions of fans
    Still, he was all alone
    We all now wonder
    What bothered him
    Now that he's gone

    Taught us to fight
    And left us speechless
    At his shocking demise
    Made everyone laugh
    Inside he cried

    Now, All I have got to say
    Is Why?
    Was death the only solution
    I can't even say
    I hate that guy